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upskirt panty9 Blonde No Panties Upskirt Pics

From time to time you can be completely blown away by a woman. I was really nailed to the floor when I ran in to this one. Looking super sexy in her leopard skin mini dress and black stockings, she was marching fiercely through the airport. Her stiletto heels were ticking on the floor like a metronome on steroids when I lifted her silky dress and noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. This blonde babe was either coming back from a quick bang or she was on her way to a sexual encounter, that’s for sure. I’m very pleased I had the opportunity to peek under her dress and even more pleased with the fact that I got it all on camera!

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upskirt panty8 Staircase Panties Pictures

The staircases and escalators in the mall are by far the most perfect spots to get decent upskirt panty pictures. Staircase panties pictures are hot especially in the summer time, when women are dressed in light colors and short skirts, it’s the place to get what you want: a quick peek at the goodies underneath. I like to put it on tape, or on digital camera or camera phone days, because I’d like to show you what I saw about this girl in a white summer dress. I love watching other voyeur’s pictures, so I’d like to think fellow peepers enjoy mine. Like my samples? Then click through where you’ll find high quality, high resolution 100% exclusive voyeur pics!

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25 September, 2014

upskirt panty7 Juicy Cheeks

This fine piece of ass was strolling around the train station in a very light summer dress when she caught my attention. In fact it was her juicy shaped ass that got my attention, to be honest. I saw those amazing cheeks swinging upside down from left to right and they gave me an instant boner. I even stared at them for a minute or two before I searched my cell to take a quick upskirt snapshot. Now see her juicy cheeks getting the attention they deserve. For me, this girl has the perfect ass and I got a set of totally awesome pics. Grab one for your desktop, because you’re not going to see a set of those every day!

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18 September, 2014

upskirt panty6 Japanese Upskirt Panties

I totally dig Asian Girls especially Japanese upskirt panties. In fact, why doesn’t everybody adore them? They look amazing with their skin tone, sexy eyes, petite bodies and dark hair. I’d stick a different one on my cock every day if I had the chance. Most of them tend to wear sexy underwear as well, it’s their secret way to be sexy. So, it’s always a pleasure when I get to snap my sneaky pictures. The babe in the sample pic was wearing a very hot lace thong, all the way up her butt crack. The way I like ‘em best.

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11 September, 2014

Today, its really easy for a person to see as much upskirt panty shots as he (or she) may want to see, thanks to the wonderful source of everything that we call the internet. Voyeurism is one of the oldest fetishes in the world, stemming all the way back in history with different stories. Upskirt panty shots are pretty easy to get and they’re really easy to find on the internet. Just do a couple image searches and you have all the upskirt photos that you want to see. It’s fun to try to catch that glimpse of up a girl’s skirt, too, because it’s almost like a lottery ticket. Occasionally, there’s a huge jackpot. In the case of upskirts and the like, the jackpot would be seeing a girl’s pussy because she isn’t wearing panties. For some reason, many girls out there think that it’s perfectly fine to wear no panties under a really short skirt. Well, that’s where many hot upskirt shots come from! Best of all, celebrities know about the power of just one upskirt shot, so sometimes you’ll get the occasional celeb who will almost put forth effort for a photographer to get a shot of up their skirt, just for that popularity boost! Here’s a celeb upskirt for you to drool over!

beyonce upskirt 300x202 The Ease of Upskirts

upskirt panty1 Upskirt Panty Fishnet Stockings Pics
When you’re a pretty active upskirt photographer and you snap a lot of pics, like I do, you end up scoring really excellent ones sometimes. I personally like girls that wear sexy stockings. For instance this girl, wearing a pair of ultra-sexy fishnet stockings. You’ve got to love those. The fishnets bring instant life to my cock and I bet this sexy pic does pretty much the same to you, doesn’t it? Follow the link for an exclusive video, shot from underneath this girl’s skirt!

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28 August, 2014

upskirt panty2 White Panty Upskirt

I spotted this fine looking young lady in the metro while I was making a run for the train. I was late anyway and since I really liked her classy look, I decided to get out the cam and follow her a bit to see if I could get a nice peek at her panties. And boy, did I succeed in my mission! I managed to get behind her while she was standing solo on the side, waiting for her next train. I slipped my pocket camera under her knee length skirt and got a beautiful shot of her white lace panties! I’ve got plenty more of those white panty upskirt shots, so check ‘em out now! Click!

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upskirt panty3 Thong Shot From Underneath

If anyone was to ask me what my favorite female underwear garment would be I’d answer “a hipster”, but in second place comes the thong. And now that I’m thinking about it: I actually like those hipster type thongs the most, to be honest. What’s sexier than a set of juicy buttocks eating a nice pair of knickers? Imagine what those great thighs would do with your cock when you’d ever get the chance of putting it in between them! I love girls, like our subject here: looking a bit dull, but when you watch her upskirt panty pics you just know she’s a fox in the sac.

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